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01 July 2013 @ 12:31 am
Spellbound (Q&A)  

I'm going to get mixed subjects for this because I know I made two versions. Originally the first is WooGyu (woohyun x sunggyu) and the next is a YunJae (yunho x jaejoong) version. The only reason it turned out this way is because I'm not comfortable writing woogyu and I only wrote it in dedication for my sister, who is a woogyu writer. But really, nothing interest me more than a YunJae version and I know I have more YunJae readers than Woogyu readers.

Also, to answer before someone gets there before me, I may put this story on hiatus. Reason? one- this story is highly reliable on the Ghost drama, which doesn't have the same effect as watching it for the first time, two- I just said I'm not comfortable writing Woogyu, three- I don't have the muse for this, and four- it's sort of aimless and I have other stories I haven't updated just as much to keep it together. So yeah... letting that out there unless someone has another question.
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