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30 June 2013 @ 11:39 pm
[sticky post] welcome children [and prey]  
Greetings. I've finally decided to make some use for a community by answering all your questions here-about my fictional stories and ideas. (Yes, I've gone mad.) Preferably a graphic/art/fic community would be suitable but then again, I figure everyone is tired of running around in circles and looking for fanwork in different places that they can't find. Well, I'm just going to stick to my journal and anything related to them can be here! It also doesn't help that I like to write mystery/horror so I'm sure everyone has a lot of questions on why the hell do I write this way? For example, in Hotel 0, how did Junsu become a teddy bear? (Major spoiler if you haven't read it, but I'm sure readers are curious about this.) There's a few reasons for that but I'm not so inclined to explain thoroughly (unless someone ask lol). Though it was primarily because I needed to fit Junsu's character somewhere. We see YooMin and YunJae in the story and then where is Junsu- sort of thing. An automatic filler but he played a big part in the side-story so read it (again) and tell me if you have a question for that. :p

So basically that's the gist of this community. You ask a question (related to my story) and I answer. Geddit?

Be sure to use the respectable Q&A posts otherwise I won't answer- same about updates. I have them there for a reason and I like to keep my topics organized. If you ask when I'll update, expect no answer.

Also, JSYK if the story isn't completed I'm not going to answer it in detail unless there was something unclear about the chapter, m'kay? Writers are still entitled to secrets until it's finished!~ :P

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